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Assisted Living vs. Staying at Home

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 22 September 2013
Assisted Living vs. Staying at Home.
Are you considering the option of moving to an assisted living community or trying to stay at home?  Most people I consult with tell me they are trying to stay in their homes for as long as possible.  Here are some things to consider.
Assisted living adds a safety component to seniors living alone.  It can be the difference of life and death.  Falling is one of the most frequent accidents I see in the elderly, and falls can change your life in an instant.

Waiting to Sell? How Rising Interest Rates Will Impact You

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 18 August 2013
Waiting to Sell?  How Rising Interest Rates Will Impact You...
Summer is upon us and the buying season is well underway.  We keep seeing reports of an improving market, and consequently, some sellers are convinced that if they wait to sell, their values will increase. 
Maybe, but how long will it take, and what is the opportunity loss?  As they say, “cash in hand…”   If you sell for a little less than you

Moving Mom..."Seasoned" buyers get creative.

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 19 May 2013
“Seasoned” buyers get creative
Last week’s column was devoted to rebound buyers:  those who have been renting, have saved a down payment, and are anxious to move forward with a purchase, while recovering from foreclosure or bankruptcy.  We learned that “seasoning” is the waiting period required (by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, the Veterans Administration or the Federal Housing Authority) before these buyers are qualified to purchase a home again.

Sellers Get "Cold Feet" too

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 28 April 2013
Sellers get “cold feet” too
It’s a sign of the times…the market appears to be coming back, and sellers are questioning their decision to sell now.  I may be having a flash back!  This happened often in the early 2000’s when I was selling nearly 300 homes a year and I was trying to make sure I listed the property high enough to not leave money on the table.  Appraisers were calling asking why I was setting my sales prices so high, and I had to explain that if I did not, by the time it closed, we would have sold it too cheaply.

Flood Insurance - Part II - Do you really need it?

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 14 April 2013
Flood Insurance Part II– do you really need it?
In response to last Sunday’s article, I received some interesting calls and emails regarding the need for flood insurance, and whether your property may no longer be in a flood zone which requires flood insurance.  Some home owners are being billed yearly for flood insurance they are notrequiredto have.  I felt it necessary to make some clarifications. 
Firstly, I believe all of us that live in the low country should consider flood insurance as part of our insurance package, especially those who live on an island.

Moving Mom...Finding the Right 2nd Home for Retirement

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 3 March 2013
Finding the Right 2nd Home for Retirement
The Azaleas are already blooming in the south, and the snow is still flying in the north.  Dreams of warmer weather and vacations homes are invading the sleep of the snow bound…and many northerners have escaped to our area to find their next, and possibly, “last” home.  With the market improving, downsizing makes sense, so are you thinking about a change?
The good news is, sellers are now more realistic in their pricing, and homes are selling again.

Moving Mom...How does the Savannah Market Affect You?

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 27 January 2013
How does the Savannah Market Affect You?
Should you wait for the market to improve in order to sell your home at a higher price?  The truth is in the numbers.  National statistics are nice to know, but there are inherent differences in communities throughout the country that affect local markets
We have a military presence, a port, and a coastal community that makes Chatham County unique.  We have our own demographics, based on census statistics and area income levels.

Moving Mom...Good Gosh, Gertie, This is Hard!

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 6 January 2013
Brooke and Mom, movingIn December, I movedmyMom.  Wow, I have a new empathy for Baby Boomers who are facing this passage in life.  Even though I help families sell their homes and move into new ones, moving my own mother was a whole different ball game!  So, I will share our story, but first, I would like to introduce you to my mother, Mary.  I have enclosed a photo of us taken this Christmas.
I love my Mom, and we are very close, so I don’t want you to take this the wrong way.

Moving Mom...When the Fat Lady Does NOT Sing!

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 23 December 2012
When the Fat Lady Does NOT Sing!
Fat Lady Sings, moving, real estateSo many steps to get to this point, but you are finally going to closing, or not…
What happens if the buyers change their minds or the closing is delayed?  You have moved out of your home, and sold, donated or given away furniture to downsize.  Or, your moving van is packed and you need the proceeds from the house to make your next purchase. Everything was going well, with a few negotiating bumps along the way, but who would ever guess the buyers would back out, or not get a loan at the last minute?

Moving Mom...the Next Step - Break Out the Champagne!

As Published in the Savannah Morning News - 16 December 2012
movingClosing day is here!  It’s been a long journey from receiving an offer to going to the closing, and I’ll bet you never thought you would get to this point.  So, what happens next?
All parties will meet at the closing attorney’s office, at a time that works for the Buyer(s), Seller(s), the attorney(s), and the Realtor®(s) to attend.  Both the Buyers and Sellers must bring to closing a photo ID, which will be photocopied and included in the closing documents.

Moving Mom...the Next Step - What's the Bottom Line?

As Published in the Savannah Morning News - 9 December 2012
MovingOnce you have negotiated your way through the initial Purchase and Sale Agreement, the requested repairs and any additional negotiations, the most common question I hear is, “How much money will I get at closing?”
From the point of receiving the offer and throughout the transaction, you can determine your net proceeds. Your Realtor® should be adept at estimating your net, and we can prepare a Georgia Association of Realtors form called

Moving Mom...the Next Step ~ Is Your Buyer Qualified?

As published in the Savannah Morning News - 2 December 2012
Is Your Buyer Qualified?
It’s always exciting when you receive an offer to purchase your property.  It leaves you hopeful that this buyer might be the one.  But, drats! Not all buyers are qualified.  So, how do you know which buyers are real?   
real estate, moving
The past few years have brought about job losses, foreclosures, short sales, and bankruptcies…all damaging to credit scores, which takes years to rebuild.

Moving Mom...the Next Step ~ Let's Dance!

As pubished in the Savannah Morning News - 4 November 2012
Negotiating an Offer on the Sale of Your Home
We have an offer, but don’t break out the champagne yet!  We are beginning a dance that will last until closing.  Negotiating starts now, and includes a series of moves, or posturing by both parties where knowledge, skill and experience are crucial.  This is when you are thankful you have chosen a seasoned Realtor® to represent you.
real estateThe first thing you have to know is who is representing whom.
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